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February 2015 Horoscope

Spark your passion

Romance is on the agenda as February begins. A spectacular Full Moon in Leo will connect to expansive Jupiter on February 3. This will prompt open-hearted, generous feelings that yearn to express love. A creative project might be completed during this time, and if so you'll feel especially confident and optimistic about its success.

On February 11, Mercury turns direct in Aquarius after having been retrograde since January 21. When Mercury Retrograde ends, you'll have a green light to move forward with contracts, negotiations and major decisions. If you have waited patiently to purchase any electronic device or other big ticket item, now you're fee to acquire it without worry.

A New Moon in the very last degree and minutes of Aquarius on February 18 suggests extraordinary power in your ability to manifest your greatest wish. On January 20, there was a New Moon at 0 degrees of this sign, but Mercury Retrograde one day later delayed the goodness. Now, you can plant those seeds again and know the second chance to realize this dream is well within your reach.

On February 19, Mars enters Aries (remaining there until March 31), and on February 20 Venus follows suit (remaining there until March 17). This cosmic duo will heat up your love life, and it will spark you to pursue whatever else it is you're most passionate about! An exact conjunction on February 22 will be one of the sexiest days of the year!