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February 2015 Love Horoscopes

It's sexy time!

This February, expect plenty of passion, romance and hot pursuit when it comes to love! It all begins with a gorgeous Full Moon in Leo on February 3. A very special evening with your sweetheart is likely. In fact, you might feel overwhelmed with love for your special someone. If so, be sure to express it!

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Mercury turns direct on February 11, which will make Valentine's Day communication much more enjoyable. The real news, however, happens later this month. On February 19, Mars enters Ariesm, where he'll remain until March 31.

Mars is the planet of action and stamina, and he also rules libido. In Aries, he's literally "right at home," so you can anticipate a welcome boost to your energy -- and sex drive. The news gets even brighter on February 20, when Venus joins Mars in Aries.

The cosmic lovers will even be in precise conjunction on February 22, assuring you that February will NOT be cold when it comes to matters of the heart.

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