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Aquarius Horoscope: February 2015

Second chances

This is your month! You'll begin February with a positive highlight in a close relationship, either business or personal. If personal, you will likely feel a sense of fulfillment and love that's deeper than ever for your mate. If this is a business connection, you and this person will likely collaborate on a project that sparks your creativity. All of this is thanks to a glorious Full Moon in your relationship sector on February 3.

It's true that you might have experienced more communication mishaps than usual since January 21. That's because Mercury Retrograde has been traveling in your sign, which might have led to you coming across to others in a more confusing manner. If this has happened, you can rejoice in knowing that after February 11, Mercury will turn direct, and you'll have an easier time communicating your ideas and thoughts to others. Until then, be wary of signing contracts, making firm decisions or even verbal agreements with others.

The best news for you this month has to do with the New Moon on February 18. Last month there was a New Moon in your sign at the earliest degree, but Mercury Retrograde began the very next day, making it difficult for you to get whatever you hoped to start off the ground. This month, you'll get a second chance. A second New Moon will occur in your sign -- this time at the very last degree. Now, you'll have extraordinary support to launch that new personal endeavor that you may have tried to start last month. Expect success!