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Aries Love Horoscope for February 2015

Set to sizzle

Expect February to be one of the best months in all of 2015 for your love life! It all begins with a delicious Full Moon in your true love sector on February 3. If you've started to date someone special recently, you and your amore might exchange those first words of love near this date. Or, your relationship might turn more physical if it hasn't already. Either way, this will be a fulfilling time in matters of the heart!

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Passion becomes your middle name by February 19-20, when both Mars and Venus move into your sign. This is a sizzling combination for everyone, but in your case you will become irresistible! Mars is your ruling planet, and when he's in Aries your energy level will be off the charts!

You may come across so strong at times that it's intimidating to others, so be aware of just how potent you are until March 31. Venus in Aries is all about making the first move, so if you have your eye on someone special you'll have no trouble approaching him or her.

On February 22, the cosmic lovers lock into a heated embrace that has the power to move mountains in your love life. The object of your desire doesn't stand a chance now -- you will have your way in all areas of love, or else! All you have to do is take what you want … it's yours.

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