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Capricorn Horoscope: February 2015

Bonus time!

Expect positive financial news this month. For starters, it's possible that an investment will reveal a return near that's much better than you ever anticipated near February 3. You might also hear news that your benefits package at work will become more attractive, or that you're due for a hefty bonus or royalty payment.

Although you may have felt a sense of confusion about how to best balance your budget over the last few weeks, after February 11 you can expect clarity to prevail. In fact, there's every indication that a brand-new plan will be put into place after February 18, which puts you back in the driver's seat when it comes to money management. Additionally, you may hear news about a new source of income opening up for you around this time. You'll be thrilled! Whatever this is, it'll take advantage of one of your unique talents.

Your domestic life becomes hectic after February 19. You may begin a home renovation project that lasts until the end of March. If you're hiring contractors, be clear about your expectations. Have a contract drawn out that carefully specifies cost, and a timeline for the jobs completion. Taking care of these details from the start will save you headaches and frustration.

Whatever it is you're initiating near this time relating to home or family matters will ultimately bring happiness to you and your clan. If you're sprucing up your home with the intention to sell, you will most likely increase the value of it during this time.