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Gemini Horoscope: February 2015

Pursuit of pleasure

If you have a sibling, it's possible you'll hear joyous news from him or her near February 3. Another possibility is that you're about to put the finishing touches on a writing project. True, Mercury Retrograde doesn't end until February 11, but you're still sure to feel close to the finish line on this endeavor. See it through!

You'll be in a powerful position near February 8 if you're looking to secure venture capital for a business, or if you hope to renegotiate your benefits package or a bonus with your boss. In fact, a light will shine on career matters after February 18. You may have an opportunity to further your education or travel abroad (for business or pleasure) after this date, as well.

The headline news for you this month, however, has to do with your social life. On February 19-20, Mars and Venus will enter your 11th House of Groups, Friendship and Social Connections. You may feel passionate about spearheading a humanitarian endeavor that's near and dear to your heart. You'll have little trouble taking the initiative and organizing such a movement now.

Another possibility is that you will simply feel extra motivated to spend time with friends, and to pursue pleasure at parties and other events. If you hope to network for business, you'll certainly make progress during this time. In terms of romance, sparks may fly between you and someone you meet on the Internet. You may even decide to explore that irresistible chemistry between you and a pal.