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Gemini Love Horoscope for February 2015

Friends with benefits

You'll be thrilled after February 11, once Mercury resumes direct motion in the sky. As your ruling planet, Mercury tends to stir up extra trouble for you when traveling retrograde. Since January 21 you might have fumbled more with communicating what you really mean in all areas of your life, including romance. If you and your sweetheart have had any trouble agreeing on important matters, such as spirituality, a moral issue or even travel plans, now you'll notice it's easier to find common ground.

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If you're single, there's plenty to get excited about this month! On February 19, your social life will heat up, thanks to Mars entering your 11th House of Groups and Friends for the first time in nearly two years. Until March 31, you'll have plenty of energy to spend circulating at parties and other fun events. If you find yourself feeling a sexual pull towards one of your pals, this might be a month to consider pursuing it.

On February 20, there's even more cosmic support for a "friends with benefits" situation -- one that might even turn into love. That's because Venus will join Mars in your friendship sector, and he will remain there until March 17. If there was ever a month to make a move and risk taking yourself out of the "friend zone," this is it. Mark your calendar for February 22 -- sparks will fly!

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