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Leo Horoscope: February 2015

High spirits

In many ways, this will be a great month for you. First, a Full Moon in your sign on February 3 will signal a personal illumination about a matter that's near and dear to your heart. Most likely this revelation will help you take positive steps to make the most of an opportunity, or to improve a relationship in some way. This might even be the relationship you have with yourself.

Speaking of relationships, if you're married or in a business partnership, there might have been some extra miscommunication since January 21. Mercury has been traveling retrograde in your 7th House of Relationships. After Mercury Retrograde ends on February 11, you'll notice it's much easier to make important decisions with your mate or this business ally. Wait until after this time to move forward in signing any contracts together. In fact, if possible wait until after February 18. A bright New Moon in your partnership sector at this time speaks volumes about a fresh start in this area of your life. Make it count!

After February 19 and throughout March, you may focus more on an educational or spiritual pursuit, or an international opportunity. You'll have plenty of initiative for this endeavor. Another possibility is that you'll have a chance to travel abroad to a location you've always wanted to visit. Not only will this be an active and high-spirited trip, but it can quickly turn into a sexy adventure with someone special. Ooh la la!