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Leo Love Horoscope for February 2015

Two is better than one

Finally, your relationship will start to move again. It may have seemed as if you and your partner were stuck in some kind of mud together since January 21. The two of you might have tried to make a new decision together, or tried to move forward in some area, only to have your attempts met with delays, confusion or disagreement. This month, things will certainly begin to open up in your love life, much to your relief.

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In fact, the Full Moon in your sign on February 3 signals the beginning of serious emotional fulfillment potential for you. Whether you're single or attached, this lunation will help you define what you want and need most in love. You'll yearn to open your heart and give love in the greatest capacity possible and that will only help you be more attractive to others. Use this boost in generous spirit to help make a difference in someone else's life. Making their day brighter will have a ripple effect, helping you to attract more love into your life.

After February 11, you'll notice communication making sense again between you and your partner. Mercury will turn direct in your relationship sector, helping to move things along. A bright New Moon in the same area of your chart happens on February 18, and this is when things really start to move in your love life. You will finally be able to get something new off the ground in your relationship. This can be anything from taking your relationship to a more committed level to beginning a new project together. Whatever you decide, there is great power in your union now. You'll know that "two is better than one."

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