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Pisces Horoscope: February 2015

Take the spotlight

You might put the finishing touches on a work assignment that's near and dear to your heart near February 3. Whatever this is, it'll have sparked your creative side, and it will be something you're quite proud to reveal. It may have something to do with the entertainment industry, or it might put you in the spotlight among your colleagues. You'll know with absolute certainty that you're not meant to fit in -- you're meant to stand out.

Mercury Retrograde ends February 11, allowing you to make progress on a top-secret communications-related project you've been working on. It may take until the New Moon on the February 18 before it really gains traction, but know that this endeavor has everything it takes to succeed. Why? You have simply put so much careful thought, editing and planning into it. All of those hours behind the scenes will begin to pay off.

Money flows after February 19, but so will expenses, so be sure to exercise patience and prudence when it comes to your budget. Hasty decisions about your finances might cost you more than you think, so take a step back and consider your options carefully before you fritter away any of your hard-earned cash. The good news is that after February 20 and until March 17, you'll have extraordinary support to help you make more money. Remember: Don't waste it!