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Sagittarius Horoscope: February 2015

Enjoy every drop!

If you've been studying for a certification, license or advanced degree, you might complete your requirements early this month. You'll feel a brilliant sense of pride and achievement, as you should. You've earned it!

Another possibility is that you'll tie up a legal matter, and you'll be able to put this situation behind you once and for all. Whatever the details, it doesn't appear to be anything that sours your mood, so you should be just fine.

After February 11, you'll be free to move forward in important communications matters. Mercury will turn direct in your message sector after having been retrograde since January 21. Once Mercury Retrograde ends, you can go ahead and sign contracts, make vital decisions and schedule important meetings. If you need to buy a car, electronic device or other big ticket item, you'll be in a better position to do so now.

If possible, wait until after February 18 to initiate any of these endeavors. Not only will that give Mercury enough time to regulate his orbit, but you'll also benefit from an exciting New Moon in your communication sector at this time.

Your attention will turn quickly to matters of the heart after February 19. Mars enters your true love sector on this day, followed closely by Venus on February 20. With the cosmic lovers in this part of your chart until next month, romance will certainly be on the agenda. Soak it up!