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Taurus Horoscope: February 2015

Smiles, everyone, smiles

You'll start the month off with a smile, thanks to a positive development close to home. You may hear news from a relative that makes you extremely happy. Or, you might finish up a home project that you found creative and fulfilling. Another possibility is that you've been looking to relocate. Near February 3, you might find the perfect new home or apartment.

Conversations with your boss will make sense again after February 11. Since January 21, you might have experienced more miscommunication or crossed lines than usual. Meetings might not have gone as planned, and any contracts or agreements connected to your career may have been stalled. Now, the pace will pick up, and you'll feel a more solid sense of clarity around your professional plans.

Career news becomes even brighter after February 18, thanks to a gorgeous New Moon in your career sector. Now is the time to reach for that promotion or assess your goals. Where do you really want to go vocationally? The sky is the limit!

Your inner strength and talents become a primary focus by month's end. You might spend time working on a top-secret project that only you have the ability to execute. You may spend many long hours alone on this endeavor, but you won't feel lonely during this period of isolation. In fact, you'll feel more fulfilled and sparked than you have in quite some time. After March 31, you can expect this project to be ready for its great reveal.