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Virgo Horoscope: February 2015

A sigh of relief

If you've been struggling with a decision about your health, expect clarity after February 11. Perhaps you've recently been diagnosed with a condition that left you wondering how best to treat. You may have spent the last couple of weeks seeking a second opinion or researching alternative healing modalities. In the end, all of the information overload might have made it even more difficult for you to know what your best options are.

Although there aren't indications that this is anything very serious, at the same time you are more proactive about health matters than other signs. As a result, your level of concern might have been elevated. Thankfully, you'll breathe a sigh of relief by mid-month because a plan of action will become much clearer. Expect to implement it after February 18.

Another possibility, if health is not a concern, is that you've experienced a certain level of frustration with coworkers, or with an assignment you've been working on. Again, your mind might have filled up with conflicting thoughts on how best to handle the situation, leading to even more obstruction.

After February 11, you'll have an opportunity to work through any communication mishaps with your colleagues. You'll also gain a clearer perspective about how best to tackle this project that left you stumped. After February 18, a new opportunity might arrive that's work related. Take it!

Joint finances will be a more active matter for you from February 19 until March 31. You might incur a significant expense, but if so it appears related to investment decisions you are making. You may, for example, decide to take out a life insurance policy to protect your family. Or, you may switch your current traditional IRA to a Roth which would necessitate you laying out extra money for taxes up front. The decision you make will benefit you in the future financially. For now, however, you'll feel aggravated about the outlay.