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February 2016 Horoscope

Fresh possibilities

A deeper concern for humanity will dominate this month, along with a desire to express one's originality -- a spirit to live and let live. On February 8, a New Moon in Aquarius opens doors to these possibilities and more. New acquaintances with broad perspectives are ready to be forged. You will want to cultivate whatever it is that makes you unique. Go for it!

This drive will only become amplified as Mercury enters Aquarius on February 13, and will become even deeper on February 16, when Venus follows suit. In matters of the heart, a strong friendship and deep respect for your partner's individuality will become absolute must-haves.

A Full Moon in Virgo on February 22, will call attention to a project you've been working on diligently that might now be finalized. One thing is certain: You'll put your heart and soul into your work now.

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