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February 2016 Love Horoscope

Things are heating up

This month is ripe with romantic potential. On February 5, Venus and Pluto embrace in a steamy conjunction intensifying all of your feelings for someone special. You'll recognize the hold your lover truly has over you and it'll either be an uncomfortable feeling -- or an intoxicating one.

On February 6, Venus squares off with Uranus, offering an unexpected surprise in your love life -- whether you like it or not! Then on February 7, Venus and Mars are in a gorgeous sextile. When the cosmic lovers unite, you know that something hot and spicy is happening and this link is no exception. Whether single or attached, this might be the most eventful weekend in your love life in quite some time.

The month progresses with Venus trine Jupiter on February 10. Now you and your lover will spoil each other rotten just in time for Valentine's Day weekend! On February 16, Venus enters Aquarius and until March 12, matters of the heart will have a more detached, unique flair. If single, this is a great time to consider an internet dating service or app, or even to meet someone a friend has been dying to introduce you to. Friendship is a priority now in romance, so you'll need to have that natural camaraderie with anyone you share your heart with.

On February 29, Venus and Saturn are in a stable link ensuring that you're feeling very secure in the status of your love life by the end of the month.

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