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Aries Horoscope: February 2016

Completely re-energized

One of your most heartfelt dreams may soon come true thanks to the magnificent cosmic support you'll receive this month. It all has to do with your 11th house -- the area of your chart connected to your hopes and wishes. This month you'll enjoy a flurry of planets moving through this sector, energizing it with incredible possibility.

It all starts on February 8 with a New Moon in Aquarius. You'll want to make those special wishes in the two weeks following this lunation, because it truly is your "dream come true" New Moon!

On February 13, Mercury enters Aquarius and your 11th house -- offering you plenty of mental energy to communicate your desires to those who can help you achieve them. Network and be sure to socialize more since there's also a strong opportunity to make new friends and important contacts.

Then on February 16, it gets even brighter when Venus enters Aquarius. Not only will you have all the brain power you need to make something magical happen, but you'll also have the ability to magnetize groups of people your way who really do want to help you.

In other news, if single, this will be an ideal time to consider internet dating or to try out that new dating app. Or, allow a friend to set you up on a blind date. Romance might happen in the most extraordinary circumstances!

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