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Capricorn Horoscope: February 2016

You've gotta spend money to make money

This will be an important month for you financially. Although you might feel the crunch of having to spend money all month long connected to funding one of your most heartfelt aspirations, do what you can to make peace with this.

Remember that often it does take money to make money. And if this has nothing to do with a money-making endeavor but instead is connected to a humanitarian goal, realize that you're creating tons of good karma for your spiritual piggy bank.

After February 8 however, you will notice an opportunity to make strides connected to your earning power thanks to a New Moon falling in the part of your chart connected to money and possessions. In fact, if there's a day you want to ask your boss for a raise, be sure to do so after February 16, when you'll have the benefit of Venus and Mercury moving through your 2nd House of Cash Flow.

The second half of the month is also ideal if you're considering marketing one of your talents in order to earn extra money. Either way, developing your unique gifts this month will surely be the key to your future financial success. Go ahead and explore those talents you've been keeping in the closet all this time. There's money to be made.

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