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Pisces Horoscope: February 2016

Give and take

You're a compassionate soul who easily sees the pain of others and truly wants to help. In fact, one of your great lessons in life connects to being able to do this while also learning how to draw healthy boundaries for yourself so that others don't take advantage of your kind heart. This month, you may have a special lesson connected to this, and if so, see it as an opportunity to make significant strides in your personal development.

You might feel drained near February 7 if someone is asking more than you can give. If so, you'll be tempted to retreat into a safe haven that shuts you away from the chaos rather than addressing it directly. Fortunately, you might receive the help you need after February 8 to figure out how to handle this situation.

In fact, you might seek spiritual or therapeutic guidance by mid-month in order to figure out how to continue to be the helpful soul you are without it sucking you dry emotionally, spiritually, or even financially. There is much work to be done for you in this area, but the good news is that this month, you can make tremendous progress.

In other news, a Full Moon in your partnership sector on February 22 will help deepen the bond between you and your mate.

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