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Sagittarius Horoscope: February 2016

Harness your talent

As the month begins, it'll soon become clear to you that a writing project or other communication-related endeavor will take up the majority of your time and energy. Fortunately, this is something you not only want to do, but it's something you're talented at doing!

Even so, you might feel a bit frustrated near February 7 because this project is still in its earliest seed stage. It's probably also the kind of thing where you might need to overcome a battle within before you begin it full force -- the kind of battle that has more to do with your own insecurities than anything else.

So do what you can to conquer the little voice inside your head that is trying to knock you down, and be ready to work after February 8. At that time a New Moon will fall in your communication sector, signaling that it truly is time to begin this endeavor. Mercury joins this area of your chart on February 13, followed by Venus on February 16.

With this much planetary emphasis in your 3rd House of Speaking, Learning, Writing and Teaching, there's no doubt you're working on something significant. Perhaps that book you've always wanted to write is finally ready to come out of you. Go for it!

Expect an honor, award or other type of recognition near February 22, when a Full Moon lights up the top of your chart. You'll feel validated.

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