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Taurus Horoscope: February 2016

You can do it

This will be a banner month for you professionally, so you'll want to do everything possible to get all of your ducks in a row early on so that you can take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities that will come your way. It all begins with a glorious New Moon in your 10th House of Career on February 8.

You'll be ready to launch something new connected to your career, but before you forge ahead, there might be something you and a business partner need to iron out first. Don't allow any disagreements between the two of you to derail your plans for success.

If you realize that you're better off pursuing this endeavor without a partner, do what you can to cut ties as cleanly as possible. Fortunately, it'll be your ability to remain discreet and unique that will help you get ahead most of this month, so be sure to rely on these traits.

Career news gets even brighter on February 13 when Mercury enters your career sector, and again on February 16 when your ruling planet, Venus, joins as well. With so many planets clustered in the area of your chart connected to honors, reputation, and profession, you'll surely make wonderful career strides this month!

To make February even sweeter, romance is also on the agenda! A Full Moon in your true love sector on February 22 might support an emotionally rich connection between you and your sweetie. Enjoy!

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