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Virgo Horoscope: February 2016

Drama at the office

Although it might feel like there's nothing new, work is the focus for you this month. There is something bright and shiny in this area to talk about. In fact, there's a lot!

Do your best to avoid engaging in any kind of argument with a colleague or employee near February 7. Although you're probably right about the situation, your temper will also be short. This will lead you to come across as more critical than usual, possibly alienating this person. In some cases, it's possible that someone you work with will leave his or her position, partly due to your irreconcilable differences. Fortunately, whatever happens will be short lived drama.

A glorious New Moon on February 8, will allow you to clear the deck and begin working on a brand new assignment. You might also hire someone new to join your staff, or if you work for a company, there may be a welcomed addition to your existing team.

Communication improves dramatically at the office after February 13, and this is when you should plan on executing important contracts or holding vital meetings. If you have an office presentation, wait until after February 16 when Venus enters your 6th House of Work -- you'll shine!

An office romance might perk up between February 16 and March 12 as well. Enjoy the flirtation, but remember to double-check your office policy to ensure you're not violating any rules by dating someone on the job.

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