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February 2017 Horoscope

Some like it hot

Romance heats up this February thanks to Venus moving into Aries on February 3. All month long she and her sexy cohort Mars will travel through the same sign, and amping up passion potential. Venus will begin to slow down, however, at month's end to prepare for a retrograde in early March. But for now, just enjoy the excitement and don't worry about the fall out.

This is also an eclipse month, making it especially dynamic. The eclipses of 2017 are all favorably aspected which makes it unusually supportive. On February 10, a Lunar Eclipse in Leo highlights emotional fulfillment connected to creative endeavors, romance, and children. Then, the Solar Eclipse on February 26 in Pisces will help you initiate a project that you're truly inspired about. Faith is strong and love is hot and spicy this month. Enjoy every drop of it!

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