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Aquarius Horoscope: February 2017

Taking care of business

The power of your words will be undeniable this month. As a result, if you have any type of negotiation to work on, do so after February 3. You might also have a significant conversation with someone or make a major decision. You aren't likely to second guess yourself which will be of great assistance. In fact, the confidence you have in your mind will be amazing. The only caveat is that in your excitement you may verbally promise more than you can deliver. However, if this happens, you'll quickly rectify the situation without losing face.

On February 10, a Lunar Eclipse in your relationship sector will mark a turning point for you and your mate. Happily, this is a favorable eclipse so whatever happens now will likely be mutually fulfilling. You might make a major decision together, or deepen your commitment in some way. If this is a business relationship, you'll feel optimistic about what the future holds.

On February 26, you may have an opportunity to cultivate a new source of income. Cash flow will be based directly on the faith you have in your talents. Alternatively, you might decide to ask your boss for a raise or, if you are a business owner, to increase your rates. You deserve it.

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