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Leo Horoscope: February 2017

Broadening your horizons

Leo, you couldn't ask for a brighter month! As February begins, you may notice a great deal of activity surrounding an opportunity for you to advance your education. You might be busy doing research on the best university program to apply to if you're thinking about studying for an advanced degree. Another possibility is that you're considering a certification or licensure. You might be offered some type of internship that will allow you to study under a mentor. Any of these options will be favorable for you now.

Alternatively, if you're in the publishing, advertising, or broadcasting industry, then you might spend quite a bit of focus on a major marketing campaign. There might even be an international reach with this; alternately, you may have an opportunity that arrives from another part of the world. For some of you, however, this burst of energy in the chart connected to international affairs may simply mean that you're planning a trip abroad. Enjoy!

Nevertheless, the headline news for you doesn't occur until mid-month with a Lunar Eclipse on February 10. This eclipse falls in your sign, Leo, and is a magnificent one indeed! You are likely to achieve a goal that makes you feel happier than you have been in a very long time. This level of fulfillment might have something to do with a major contract or negotiation, but it may also involve your love life or a creative endeavor. The important implication of this eclipse, however, has more to do with your emotional well-being. Finally, you seem ready to make a significant decision to improve the direction of your life. Wonderful!

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