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Libra Horoscope: February 2017

Relationship satisfaction

A close relationship will be your main focus this month. In late January, Mars moved into your partnership sector, stimulating this area of your life. On February 3, Venus will also move into the same part of your chart, helping you make peaceful changes in a relationship that needs shaking up. The shakeup is the job of Mars, and the reconciliation or compromise is Venus' domain. Together these two planets promise that the dynamic between you and someone close will shift in an exciting way.

If, for example, you are involved in a stale business or personal relationship, then you can look forward to February being a month where you can both begin to pursue the connection you truly want with each other. Yes, this will require bravery and possibly some mediation, but together you have all the ingredients necessary to cook up a much more satisfying partnership.

Your social life also looks bright thanks to a stunning Lunar Eclipse on February 10 in your friendship sector. Expect to hear heartwarming news from at least one of your pals. Another possibility is that you will be reach one of your dreams. Either way, fulfillment is the keyword for this eclipse. Somehow, someway, you will be sated.

Then, on February 26, you might be ready to make a change health wise. It'll be a perfect time to join a gym, hire a trainer or nutritionist, or make an important doctor's appointment. Looking for a new job? Send out those resumes and interview now -- an ideal opportunity is likely.

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