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Pisces Horoscope: February 2017

Hard work pays off

This month you'll have an opportunity for significant financial and personal developments. Cash flow will likely see an increase as early as February 3 despite mounting expenses that you may have battled since late last month. Any extra money you make this month will be directly related to your entrepreneurial spirit or, at the very least, your willingness to try something new without worrying so much about it failing.

Another way you might earn this extra money is if you take on a freelance assignment. If you already have freelance work, it's possible that one of your big projects will reach completion near February 10. This will likely be one that you are quite proud of since it makes the most of your creativity.

If you are going through a health situation, the middle of the month may bring an end to your treatment protocol, and you're likely to feel invigorated. If you required a surgical procedure for any reason, you'll be on the mend.

Finally, on February 26, a Solar Eclipse will fall in Pisces, making it especially meaningful for you. There is a magnificent fresh start for you on the horizon, and it will only be limited by your own vision. Fortunately, if there was ever a sign that dreams big it's you. So, go ahead and reach for the sky; you won't be disappointed.

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