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Virgo Horoscope: February 2017

Money talks

February will be a vibrant month for you on many fronts. As early as the February 3 you may notice a significant development in finances. You may receive a very generous bonus, royalty, or commission check. Or you might have an opportunity to make what will likely be a fortunate investment. If you are married or in a committed partnership, then your mate could be the one sharing happy financial news such as receiving a raise. Either one of you might hear about a possible inheritance or settlement check if you are involved in a court case. Whatever the details, the news appears positive.

A creative endeavor that you have been discreetly working on may be completed near February 10. This project has the potential to increase your cash flow, but even if it doesn't, you'll certainly enjoy many compliments regarding your talent.

However, the most significant development for you will not happen until after February 26. At this time, a Solar Eclipse in your partnership sector will open up a major window of opportunity. You might align yourself with a new business partner, or snag a major new client. In terms of your personal life, this eclipse could bring an opportunity to commit yourself to someone you love in an inspirational way. If you're already committed, the two of you might begin pursuing a mutual aspiration. Wonderful!

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