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February 2018 Love Horoscope

Love without boundaries

Love will be sweet and sentimental this February, but it'll also serve a higher purpose. That means the love you and your partner share will not just be about the two of you, it'll affect others on a broader scale, perhaps more than you realize. From February 10 through March 6, Venus will move through dreamy and inspirational Pisces, accounting for much of this theme. Not only will this make for a romantic month, but it might also turn into a month where you're making more sacrifices in the name of love than usual. The good news? You won't mind one bit. A most romantic day is yours on February 21 thanks to Venus embracing Neptune. This will be a day when romantic dreams can come true, but you might also choose to overlook something in your partner that you know just isn't right. Single? You may attract a spiritual or creative type your way. However, you might just as easily attract someone with an unhealthy escape pattern. Buyer beware!

The broader scale potential in matters of the heart relates to a dazzling Solar Eclipse that will fall in Aquarius on February 15. Here is where you'll have an opportunity to move forward with your mate in a joint humanitarian effort. This will create a stronger rapport between you and will also be the reason why you can use your love for the greater good.

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