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Pisces Love Horoscope for February 2018

The fairest of them all

Could you be any more alluring, Pisces? You already have such an edge when it comes to enchanting others with your hypnotizing ways. Seriously, if anyone can work magic on another human being, it's you. No wonder so many people hand you their heart! This month, however, you're about to take your spellbinding charms to a whole new level. Love planet Venus will be in your sign from February 10 through March 6, a once-a-year event. What this means for you and your love life is nothing short of spectacular.

If you happen to be single, then you've just entered one of the most fortunate and supportive astrological times to meet someone new and fall in love (or to enjoy the opening chapters of a fairytale romance with your new prince or princess). Pay attention to February 21 when Venus and Neptune align in your sign. There is no greater combination for soul mate love than these two planets embracing! You'll feel an instant spiritual connection with anyone you meet. In fact, you might not even be interested in the physical side of this romance -- at least not at first.

If you're in a relationship, then it's likely you and your partner will be spending a lot of time in fantasy land together. That means you'll be nurturing each other's dreams, but you'll also be able to make them come true. This doesn't have to be exclusively about your relationship. It could be that your partner is lifting you up and inspiring you to become the very best version of yourself, the version he or she already knows you to be. Beautiful!

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