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Scorpio Love Horoscope for February 2018

Drunken love

February is going to go down in one of two ways for you when it comes to love. Either you're going to enjoy a month of incredible bliss and will feel as if all your dreams have come true … or you're in for a grand disappointment as you realize you've only been fooling yourself in matters of the heart. Much depends on your personal story and how it has been developing thus far. The key energy influencing your love life this month is the planet Neptune and the sign of Pisces. When you have the sign and planet ruling unconditional love as well as delusion and illusion dominating your love story, it goes without saying that either scenario is possible.

Venus will be in Pisces and touring your true love sector from February 10 through March 6. She'll embrace Neptune on February 21, also in the same part of your chart. This is intensely dreamy, mystical, and spiritual energy connected to love. You really do want to fully merge with your lover and experience that transcendental spiritual union. And guess what? It's available to you in spades! So if you're single and meet someone, don't be surprised if you feel that immediate kindred connection and sense of familiarity. Congratulations, you've found a soul mate!

If you're in a relationship, you might be experiencing many romantic evenings together and enjoying music, movies, or even a short getaway to a spa or vacation to an island retreat.

If, however, there is something happening in your love life that you've chosen to turn a blind eye to … well, that's when Neptune and Venus in Pisces are most likely to reveal disappointing news. Hey, what can you do? Only fools fall in love.

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