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Taurus Love Horoscope for February 2018

Lost in love

You might keep asking your friends to pinch you this month to make sure you're not dreaming and that it's all really happening to you. That's right, Taurus, it seems as if you'll be caught up in a love story that has your name written all over it. Most likely you've already met this special someone, but just in case you haven't, keep your eyes peeled for the delicious potential that's opening up in your social life for romance after February 10. You could easily meet someone through a friend's introduction or while out having fun with your pals. You might also strike up a love connection through a dating app or online site. Don't be afraid to slide into their direct messages!

If you're already dating someone, then it looks as though your dream of true love is coming true in full force. Venus will be in your 11th house, the house that rules your greatest hopes and wishes. With the planet of love sitting there until March 6, it's clear what you're wishing for and what you'll get! Pay close attention to February 21 when Venus and Neptune embrace. That's when you'll be in soul mate heaven. Even Valentine's Day sparkles for you since Venus will be at a perfect angle to Saturn on this day. Your sweetheart might be ready to make an exclusive commitment to you. As you feed each other chocolate delights, you'll also take down your internet dating profiles and declare your undying love for one another. It doesn't get much better than that! Oh wait, it does. Just wait until March!

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