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Virgo Love Horoscope for February 2018

Romantic bliss

When the planet of love touches your relationship sector, you know it's going to be a good time. Luckily, that is exactly what's happening this month! After February 10 and until March 6, you'll enjoy having Venus moving through this part of your chart. This is an annual event not to be wasted. If you're in a relationship, then you'll notice any rough edges between you and your love dissipate as the rays of unconditional love take over. You're not only more willing to overlook any problems or forgive any slights, but you'll also find that you and your sweetheart genuinely adore and appreciate each other for your best qualities. It's nice to have a trend where you focus on the good and not the bad as holding each other in high regard is the only way to assure lasting love.

Valentine's Day should be extra sweet for you thanks to a gorgeous link between Venus and Saturn on February 15. Since Saturn is in your true love sector, this might be when you and someone you've started to date realize that you can overcome a certain obstacle that has been making it difficult for your relationship to run as smoothly as you'd like. Love truly can conquer all!

Venus and Neptune embrace in the sweetest link on February 21, making you feel that you're in the most blissful state possible with your lover. February will be a treasure trove of joyful possibilities for you in terms of love, Virgo. Make it count.

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