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Your February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Get ready for a vision quest in February! You're longing to express the part of yourself that sets you apart from others. In fact, knowing that you are meant to stand out rather than fit in will be the secret sauce to your success potential for the first half of the month.

A New Moon in Aquarius on the February 4 will prompt you to take whatever steps are necessary in order to wave your personal freak flag with gusto! Thanks to this lunation making a supportive link to expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius, it's possible that a spiritual awakening or unusual metaphysical experience will help support your journey toward becoming the most advanced version of yourself possible. In order to achieve something you've never had, you must do something you've never done before. In February you will take this to heart and embrace whatever new path supports your individuality the most.

Sparks will fly in our lives on February 13 as Mars and Uranus collide in a flammable Aries conjunction. This will set an area of your life on fire in the most unexpected way. It could be exciting, but it might also be damaging, like a forest fire that spreads like lightning. Know that a major change is happening and it will be impossible to direct it. The good news is that by the 14th you'll decide whether to fan the flames or put out the fire. Mars entering Taurus on this day will help slow down your actions considerably, making them go from a hare's pace to one of the tortoise. Until March 31 you can use this energy in a way that supports you building whatever can provide the most enduring physical legacy and security in your world.

In other news, financial and romantic matters will become intense from February 18-22. Venus in cautious Capricorn embraces Saturn and then Pluto, making you quite strategic when it comes to your business plans. You might make a significant decision about money or love that has long-term ramifications. Whatever decision this is, it's one that you'll make only after careful consideration.

A Full Moon in discerning Virgo on February 19 will help you let go of whatever approach in your life is counterproductive to you becoming the best version of yourself. Any hard habits to break will melt away under this energy. You'll have no trouble releasing what you know is an unrealistic perspective in order to finally produce the results you've been looking for all along. What a relief!

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