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Your February 2019 Monthly Love Horoscope

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Valentine's Day is here and it's time to celebrate love! Fortunately, this month the Astrology won't leave you high and dry. In fact, romantic fantasies, unexpected moments, and lusty fulfillment are all in the stars. Venus will be in serious Capricorn all month, but the links she makes to several planets will change her energy from fuddy-duddy to absolutely phenomenal. She'll still give you a cautious vibe in matters of the heart, but with a stellar connection to Neptune on February 17, you'll feel as if you're living a real-life fairy tale with the one you love. Then, From February 18-22 Venus will connect to both Saturn and Pluto, helping to intensify your commitment to making a relationship work.

On the big day -- February 14 -- Mars enters Taurus, which is just about as luscious an energy as you can get. If you're in a relationship you know you're going to enjoy the very best of Taurus' sensual gifts. Sex will not disappoint, and you can anticipate you and your partner taking your time with each other in the bedroom to make sure pleasure is achieved.

An unexpected twist is also possible in your love life the day before, on February 13, when Mars joins forces with radical Uranus in the final moments of Aries before entering Taurus. This is unstable but exciting, so if you're single, you might have a Valentine you didn't expect coming your way. Be ready for anything!

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