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Aries Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

The future is now

You'll have an extraordinary capacity this month to see what no one else can see. This is not only a prophetic glimpse into future energy (although that might very well be a part of it) -- it's also a visionary quality where you have an idea that's ahead of its time, yet you are insistent on making it happen now. Although the world might not be ready for it yet, you are ready and that's what ultimately matters. Farsightedness doesn't always serve us well, Aries, but in February it will be the ticket to your personal success and fulfillment. Besides, this is where true wisdom lies.

Knowing this is why you'll feel moved to put a radical plan into motion, especially after the New Moon on February 4. You're not only going to think outside the box, you're going to eliminate the box. Whatever you start at this time has great potential for success. If it involves spreading your message to large groups of people, then it's even better. Don't be surprised if the universe puts new acquaintances in front of you this month who are most aligned to the futuristic notions you want to make reality. The success potential is truly remarkable.

Along with this you'll notice that on February 13 you're truly buzzing, both internally and externally. Mars and Uranus join forces in your sign, demanding expression in your life. This is volatile, unpredictable energy, so you might do something others view as completely out of character. In your view, however, it's going to be something that liberates you and leaves you feeling empowered. Just remember that you'll be so dead-set on this new Fool's journey of yours that you might jump out of the proverbial airplane only to realize once you're midair that you forgot to strap on a parachute! Even if this happens, though, with Mars and Uranus in your sign, you'll manage to ride the lightning bolt of change right into the new place of residence your soul knows it belongs.

From February 14 - March 31 your ambition to make bank will be incredible. Your ruling planet Mars will move through your earned income sector and might bring more expenses, but you won't be fazed. You'll have so much drive to empower yourself financially that the bills will only serve as fuel to your ambitious fire. In fact, major career advancement and fulfillment is likely from February 18 - 22 when Venus links up first to Saturn and then Pluto. A Full Moon in your work sector on the 19th also suggests a fulfilling and financially lucrative project is ready to roll. There's a serious power play happening in your professional life and you are definitely in the driver's seat of it. Crushing your goals is the only option!

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