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Aries Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Caution: Curves ahead

There will certainly be a development in your love life this month, Aries, and it looks like you're the one stirring up the pot. Mars will be in your sign until February 14, making you brave and assertive in all areas. Mars in Aries colliding with Uranus on the 13th might also make you impulsive, impatient, and ready to charge ahead with a massive change. You are tired of waiting for your life to happen to you Aries and it's understandable. No one needs to be in the driver's seat more than you. The problem with Mars and Uranus connecting, however, is that you might charge ahead before you put on your seatbelt ... and then you'll decide to go way past the speed limit, possibly losing control of your car. Ultimately, while the thrill of this ride will leave you excited beyond measure, you're likely to crash that car. Do you really want to go up in flames?

Apply this analogy to your love life scenario and make adjustments accordingly. If you're ready to tear apart an outworn love connection because you're just so over it, then have at it. Just know that there will be casualties. If, however, you are planning to use this energy to make the boldest move you ever have in the romance department, then it might lead to sparks flying in a way that feeds your soul beyond measure.

Either way, you can be sure that February will not be a linear month in terms of romantic potential. Twists and turns of fate are guaranteed.

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