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Cancer Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Facing reality

If you're completely single, Cancer, then your social life is about to offer you plenty of opportunities for excitement. Mars, the co-ruler of your romance sector, will move into your friendship sector on February 14. Mars remains here through March 31 heating things up in an interesting way. There might be a slow but steady spark that begins to build between you and a friend. It does have staying power, so you might want to consider exploring it. You might also begin dating someone you meet online or through a dating app. Any sexual encounter you have during this time frame will be sensually fulfilling beyond your wildest expectations!

If you're in a solid relationship you'll have Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all meeting up in your partnership sector between February 18 and 22. This is heavy energy for love, but it doesn't have to be negative. It seems as if you and your partner have come to terms with a harsh reality about your love connection, which includes the limitations you have in this union. You might realize that trying to fix something broken beyond repair is pointless -- even if you love each other. Or, the intensity of your commitment to keep working on this relationship until it kills you might also be present. Again, the love is there ... and it is karmic love. But at some point you both have to ask: Is love enough?

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