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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

You're worth it

Only you could manage to balance the ideal combination of grace, maturity, and sexiness all in one persona, Capricorn. This month you'll have the assistance of Venus in your sign helping you display a quiet, self-assured confidence about your attractive qualities. You know you have something valuable to offer others, whether it's in a business or personal relationship. You know that you've got the substance and enduring value that makes other people want you in their lives. But this month you've also got something else: the ability to know your personal worth so deeply that you'll realize it's time that other people EARN the right to all you have to offer. What an amazing turnaround this will be for you, Capricorn, especially if you've been used to feeling as though you needed to be the one to earn everything that comes your way. And even more so if you feel that you've had to go above and beyond simply to accept crumbs from other people. The truth is, if you've been giving everyone around you an entire cake and are only getting crumbs in return, it really is time to re-evaluate. Fortunately, having Venus, Saturn, and Pluto in your sign in February will truly help you realize this very harsh lesson.

From February 18-22 Venus will be conjunct Saturn and then Pluto, helping intensify your awareness of what it is you lack in the relationship arena. You might be very happy with certain relationships, but emotionally starved in others. Wherever you recognize the significant imbalance is the relationship you'll know must either be let go of or re-evaluated. Sometimes, the less you give the more you receive. This isn't meant to be a game of manipulation for you to play in your relationships, but rather a month of personal realization. Reciprocity and balance as well as mutual respect and empowerment are qualities of healthy relationships. And it really does all begin with you.

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