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Capricorn Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Seriously sexy

Your love life will not disappoint in February, that is for sure! In fact, you are more likely than any other sign to have a Valentine's Day to remember. You can thank Mars for this. He'll move into your true love sector on February 14 and will continue to heat up your love life through March 31. If you've been completely single and without romantic action, then you can look forward to all of that changing mid-month. Translation: the dry spell is over! Mars also represents courage and motivation, so with his help you'll feel more self-assured to go after that person you've been lowkey dying inside to ask out.

If you're dating someone, then Mars in this area of your chart will help you enjoy the lustiest, most gratifying moments with your lover. You'll pursue each other without feeling the need to rush. In fact, lovemaking will become an all-night event!

Love is not a casual thing for you though -- especially in February. Between the 18th and 22nd Venus in your sign will hook up with both Saturn and Pluto. This suggests a karmic love story is unfolding for you in some way. Fortunately, it does appear to be an intensely gratifying one. One thing's for sure: in February your love life will be a definite page turner!

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