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Gemini Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

An unusual approach

You're definitely thinking outside the box this month, Gemini. In fact, you're creating an entirely new box! You've got ideas and a unique perspective that might seem far reaching or even "out there" to some, but the truth is that it's actually quite progressive -- even genius! If you collaborate with someone on your ideas, there is a good chance that something amazing will come out of them. You might be working on an invention or patent this month, and if so, it looks remarkably promising. You might also decide to begin studying for a certification or license that's in a non-traditional field. This can be anything from becoming a life coach or Reiki master to you deciding that it's time to formally study Astrology. Go for it! The New Moon on February 4 in the area of your chart connected to higher education supports all forms of learning that involve progressive subject matter. The weirder it is, the greater your chance of success.

There's also a strong indication that after February 14 you'll want to fly under the radar rather than be out on stage. With active Mars moving through your 12th House of Secrets, until March 31 you'll prefer to hold your cards closer to your chest so that you can quietly strategize on a project that's truly important to you. Along with this, you might feel as if you need extra rest or time to recharge your batteries. Spending time alone in nature will help you a great deal during this time. You might also benefit from aromatherapy, massage, or other spa treatments. You'll also notice that you're much less confrontational than usual during this time. And while there doesn't seem to be much indication that conflict is heading your way, on February 13 there might be a sudden action from a friend that rattles you. Initially you may be in shock, and then you might retreat in order to figure things out. Dealing with this situation directly might be uncomfortable now, so if that's where you find yourself, try not to force things.

Near February 19, a domestic situation might need to fall apart in order for things to finally come together in your family life. Don't worry so much about losing control of the situation. There's a big-picture outcome connected to this scenario, and what you'll realize is that the only way to restore order is to let go of your need to govern.

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