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Gemini Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Lowkey love

This month could start out a bit erratic in terms of your love and social life, but you might truly want to go into hermit mode after February 14. If you're completely single, there's a definite potential for an unexpected opportunity to hook up with a pal near the 13th. You might want to think twice though, because even if it seems like a great idea in the moment there is the possibility you will have major regrets after. Maybe that explains why you're putting yourself into hibernation after the 14th. Mars will enter your 12th House of Escape at that time, which is usually an energy of rest and recuperation rather than boldly being able to get what you want. So in terms of your love life, it's possible that you will feel a bit of shame and regret if you hastily hook up with someone in your social circle.

Another possibility, however, is that this initial encounter becomes more intense than you expected. If this happens, though, it will be "behind closed doors" for some reason. Maybe one of you isn't completely single after all and your love life just turned into a spicy reality show. Or, maybe you will decide that you're just too exhausted to deal with sex for a bit and you want to focus on your spiritual growth.

If you're in a solid relationship, then this month could bring significant news about joint finances for you and your mate from February 18-22. It looks stable and promising. If you're going through a divorce and hope to hear news about your upcoming settlement, then the news will likely come your way around this time. It looks favorable.

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