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Leo Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

The power of partnerships

Someone close to you is about to make you come alive in an extraordinary way. The link you have with this person is unlike any you've ever known. It's progressive, electric, and will make you grow as a person. While it's true that this can be your romantic partner, it's also possible that it's a business alliance or someone else you're about to initiate a legal, binding contract with. One way or another, the New Moon on February 4 will light up your partnership sector, making your focus all about connecting with others.

If you're dating someone, then it's possible you'll decide to make more of a solid commitment to each other as a result of this New Moon. This is especially likely since it will connect perfectly to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, now in your romance sector. Another possibility is that you'll decide to join forces with someone on a new creative endeavor that sparks you. It looks amazing!

In other news, your ambition is about to reach new heights after February 14. Mars will move to the top of your chart for his once-every-two-years tour. Until March 31 you'll have tremendous impetus to go after whatever it is you want to achieve professionally. In fact, you might notice that you've got a hunger for success now that's on a whole new level. Work it!

Along with this energy will be two other phenomenal events that are sure to enhance your earning power and work opportunities. The Full Moon on February 19 is all about financial fulfillment, while a conjunction of Venus to Saturn, then Pluto, will give you the discipline you need to handle the most demanding assignments like a boss.

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