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Libra Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Close encounters

You'll experience the New Moon that singles wait all year for in February, Libra, so if you're open to new love potential, get ready to take action! On February 4 this exciting lunation will occur, and it'll be at a supportive angle to lucky Jupiter, now in your message sector. That means you might go out on a date with someone and end up talking for hours about any and everything. Another possibility is that you'll meet someone who is a bit of an odd ball but ohhh so attractive right in your neighborhood. This person might live in your apartment building, on your block, or frequent the stores you shop at to run errands. If you have a brother or sister, be open to them setting you up on a date with someone. The key with a New Moon in Aquarius happening in your love sector is to be open to a radically different romantic experience.

For those Librans partnered up you can expect a twist in your love life as well. On February 13 Mars and Uranus will join forces in your partnership sector, creating electric shocks and sparks that will either wake you and your lover up in a passionate way or create a sudden trembling that leaves you feeling blindsided and burned. Yikes!

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