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Pisces Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Let go of expectations

There's a saying that declares if you don't expect anything from anyone then you'll never be disappointed. This February you might need to apply that quote to your romantic partner. A Full Moon in your relationship sector on February 19 is your cue to let go of a false belief that just because a relationship isn't going according to your plan, it's a disaster. Although you're typically a flexible person in many areas of life, when it comes to matters of the heart you do crave more organization. Unfortunately, this might also come with a tendency to create partnerships that are more about efficiency and working parts than they are about romance.

The irony is that you yearn for both, but you seem to always put yourself in positions where you feel you have to choose. It's either a fairy tale romance that ultimately disappoints and deludes or it's a functional partnership that lacks enchantment. Maybe what you really need to let go of in February is your need to put relationships in any kind of box whatsoever. Find the flow in your love life this month. Then, go with it.

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