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Sagittarius Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

In the moment

If you're in a committed partnership, it looks like you and your mate will be talking a lot in February about domestic matters. Fortunately it seems like you've got the most optimistic thoughts concerning your living situation and whatever is happening in your clan. You might be more interested in communicating with each other about ways to bring greater peace and harmony to your home life, if either of you feels as if that has been lacking. Since your mindset together will be one of enchantment and possibility, you'll easily find ways to ensure that domestic bliss is restored and continues.

If you are completely single and think that Valentine's Day will be a snooze fest, think again. It's very likely that someone will enter your life out of the blue and instantly fill you with passion. Mars and Uranus will collide in your true love sector on February 13. This is volatile, exciting, and HOT energy, so you're certain to experience something rumbling in the love department. Be warned, however: it might be an opportunity for a one-night stand or it might even be a dangerous liaison. Handle with care and know that this isn't a "till death do you part" love connection. It is, however, guaranteed to make your heart beat faster.

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