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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

Calling the shots

You're growing tired of feeling as if you have absolutely no control over what's happening in your family life. In fact, this February you'll realize that the only way to get a handle on things again is to take a radical new approach. It might initially seem as if you're only creating more chaos, but in reality, it's time to do things in a completely different way so that you don't remain caught up in this loop of domestic instability. Your family might fight you at first, but you won't be deterred. After all, if there's anyone with indomitable will power it's you, Scorpio.

All of these changes happening on the home front might even take a toll on your marriage or close partnership after February 14. The truth is, however, that you already knew this would happen. It seems that you and your partner have polar-opposite ways of handling certain problems, and with this domestic matter you're really at odds. From February 14 to March 31 Mars is moving through your partnership sector, and it's possible that you and your partner will argue more than usual. It's also possible that you'll both realize that you're fired up because of the same situation. As a result, you need to remind yourselves that you're not on enemy lines. Work together and you can truly make a powerful difference in resolving whatever crazy issues are happening at home. In fact, you might have forgotten that you're stronger together than you are apart. If that's the case, this month you'll remember.

Adding to the cosmic energy of February will be a significant decision or conversation you have between the 18th and 22nd. With Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all lined up in your message sector, you might give someone an ultimatum in an authoritative but graceful way. This can be related to your professional life or personal life, but it'll be clear that you're non-negotiable at this time. If you do have a contract to sign, these are true power days for you. Know that any agreement you make now will be long lasting, so if you're uncertain about anything, hold off. But the truth is you're probably completely sure of yourself at this time, so questioning your decisions will be unlikely.

A Full Moon on February 19 might bring emotional news from a friend. Alternatively, you might find great fulfillment as you work toward finishing up a major to-do list that will lead to a personal dream of yours finally coming true.

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