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Taurus Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

Fixed on success

You're the last person who expects a free lunch. You know that there is no such thing as an overnight success. In order to truly bask in the glory of career victory, there is a great deal of work that must go in that others often don't pay attention to. What others see is the end result; the triumph. But the blood, sweat, and tears that it took to get there? Not so much. This February you will reach a turning point in your professional life where you are truly able to launch something magnificent with extraordinary potential. There is something very much "behind the scenes" about it, however, and you are pushing with more force than anyone could possibly see. You're like a duck floating on a lake. What an onlooker notices is how peaceful the duck looks, how it seems to float effortlessly and with such peace and grace. What is often missed is what's happening underneath the water. That duck is actually paddling furiously underneath and working very hard to ensure the floating he's able to pull off. This is you in February, Taurus. You are the duck. You are cool, calm, and collected on the outside, but on the inside you are something fierce. And you'll achieve something great because of it.

Initiate that grand professional aspiration after the February 4 New Moon and watch it take shape. It's likely to be quite financially lucrative, especially in the area of passive income, royalties, commissions, or bonus money. You might also secure an investment from a person or lending institution that will help elevate your business. Near February 13 you'll be paddling with the greatest fervor thanks to a conjunction between Mars and Uranus (ruler of your career sector), now in your 12th House of Secrets. This is a major, sudden action you'll take, but again, no one will seem to notice this except for you. What they will see, however, is the success it leads to.

You truly become a force of nature after February 14 when Mars enters your sign. Until March 31 you'll have more energy to achieve anything you want, and you'll also have the tenacity, willpower, and determination to hold out for it. This is a once-every-two-years cycle where you've got nothing but "all systems go" written in the stars.

Last but not least, your love life has great possibility near the Full Moon on February 19 in your romance sector. Making a perfect link to Mars in your sign, you'll see the fruits of your labor when it comes to the work you've put into a relationship. Spoiler alert: it looks like a happy ending.

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