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Virgo Monthly Horoscope: February 2019

When you're the "fixer-upper"

Self-improvement is the name of the game for you this February, Virgo. You'll start off the month even more interested in attaining perfection than usual. At the same time, however, you're ready to implement an innovative approach to achieving this. After all, you know very well that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. And so, you're ready for a change. You're ready to make a radical shift in your habits so that you can attain the level of personal polish you strive for. Expect to begin a radical new approach after the New Moon on February 4.

Although you are grounded by nature, you're also extremely flexible. Because of this, you know that it's time for some changes and you'll be very willing to make them. Whether it's a new health habit, work routine, or other personal shift, it's as if you know that you need to be your own handyman this month, and you're more than capable of managing a personal DIY project on yourself.

In other news, a major, unexpected expense might rattle you near February 13. This might be a tax bill you didn't see coming or a sudden increase in your insurance rates or interest rates connected to a loan. Fortunately, it appears to be a one-time situation, so once the initial shock of it arrives, you'll handle it and then forget about it.

Mars moves through your 9th House of Education from February 14 - March 31, when you might find yourself more passionate about expanding your mind. You'll also fight tenaciously for what you believe in, so if you're involved in a legal situation, it will be difficult to defeat you.

Matters of the heart will be interesting in February. If you're single, a new love connection is possible from February 18-22. Venus will be in your romance sector all month, but at this time she links up with both Saturn and Pluto -- also in the same area of your chart. There is nothing shallow about love for you now. If you're dating someone, you'll have an "all or nothing" mindset about the relationship.

Lastly, a Full Moon in your sign on February 19 will offer a significant personal awakening and release. You'll benefit by sharing your emotions truthfully.

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