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Virgo Monthly Love Horoscope for February 2019

Loving the perfect imperfections

Communication with your mate will be much more favorable after February 10, thanks to Mercury edging into your partnership sector. There might be more conversations centered on your mutual ideals for your relationship. Although these discussions could be laced with a bit of impracticality, at the same time you'll both enjoy talking about things with the highest hopes.

As a matter of fact, the Full Moon in your sign on February 19 might even help you out in the relationship department. Maybe you have been too judgmental about your partner or about the direction your relationship has taken. If you feel this is an accurate assessment, then the Full Moon will be a perfect opportunity to let go of your need to make everything perfect between the two of you. In fact, you might actually begin to realize that the most perfect love of all is only possible when you love the wrinkles that show up. Stop trying to fix what isn't broken and stop trying to create problems. Love each other. The deepest love connection is possible between the February 18 and 22 if you do...

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