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January 2013 Horoscope

Overcoming Obstacles

Ambition runs strong as we open the New Year. January starts, as it always does, with the Sun in hard-working Capricorn, where discipline and will are forged. Brains are bubbling with original ideas and communication crackles with surprises when mental Mercury clashes with electric Uranus on January 3. Normally we might expect this high frequency energy to dissipate itself quickly, but we'll stay in an intense period through January 7.

We get an extra dose of fuel in our tanks when energetic Mars forms a free flowing trine with boundless Jupiter on January 4. Unleashing all this force is great if you have a constructive place to put it. Chasing crazy ideas and fantasies or blowing off steam with anger are not helpful ways to direct the power of this aspect, however.

Then, on January 6, Mercury joins dark Pluto to plunge our minds into the depths where we can discover hidden information or engage in passionate conversations. Limits slow progress on January 7, when dynamic Mars runs into stern Saturn. If we've gone too far, we're likely to hit walls of rules and resistance. Yet those who act with patience, persistence and a clear sense of purpose can overcome stubborn obstacles.

Hard work makes people more attractive when alluring Venus enters Capricorn on January 8. Respect must be earned and romance may advance more slowly with the love planet in this serious sign. Nevertheless, the path of relationships makes a sudden turn when Venus squares shocking Uranus on January 12. This can open us up to new people and pleasures, but it can also provoke unconventional and erratic behavior.

Backing up, it's important to note the New Moon in Capricorn on January 11 that begins a fresh lunation cycle. This is an excellent time to plant seeds of commitment that when reinforced with discipline and a clear plan can lead to positive long-term results. Water aspirations with patience and nourish them with reason to achieve success.

There's a shift in the planetary winds when cerebral Mercury and the creative Sun enter brainy and idealistic Aquarius on January 18-19. We're moving away from the pure pragmatism of Capricorn to add fresh ideas and insights that move individuals and institutions forward. The future, rather than the past, is our primary guide in this visionary sign. Sure, some ideas may be flaky, but Aquarius is the sign of experimentation, where trying different concepts is more useful than sticking with tradition.

The Leo Full Moon on January 25 is alive with imagination as it aligns favorably with enthusiastic Jupiter in curious Gemini and original Uranus in pioneering Aries. This event can be a revelation for those stuck in the past or limited in their creativity. Let youthful hearts sing and we will enjoy the discovery of beautiful new songs that open hearts and minds.